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Raising Dutch and New Zealand Reds

CHP Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. It is a partnership between three sisters (Chelsea, Haley and Paige). Chelsea and Haley began studying rabbits in 2006 as a part of 4-H. With the assistance of their grandfather, they built a small hutch to house their first rabbits.


In December of 2007, CHP Rabbitry received their first stock, a pair of New Zealand Red does. We quickly discovered that the current hutch was to small and began searching for building plans. In January, we built a small barn and moved the does into their new home.


In October of 2009, we purchased a trio of Dutch Rabbits.


We hope you will enjoy our little website. Check back for updates.



Chelsea and Haley are members of 4-H. Rabbits are one of the projects they participate in..



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